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Newborn photography, children's portraits, family photography, senior portraits and more! Just a little trip down the road.

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Our full service photography studio is waiting for you Fort Walton Beach clients! Just a  "scenic drive" down highway 285 where you will probably see lots of trees, woods, trees, deer, trees (you get the point?) will bring you into the glorious little town of Defuniak Springs. I'm sure you've been here. We have a couple great restaurants and a winery. I know you are saying you have photographers closer to your home, so why should you drive to see me? Well...I promise you will love me and my photography! I will make you feel like you are right at home and we will become great friends! I make friends with everyone. But seriously, I have been perfecting my craft for over 20 years, I still learn new things every year. Photography is a constant evolution of change, sometimes for the better, sometimes for crazy fads. I never do the crazy fads, sorry. I never, ever, ever, EVER want you to look back at you photographic memories and say "what were we thinking?" Photography is a timeless art that should capture the essence of your memories not the editing style of the time. It should never be gimmicky or faddish! It should be clean, well exposed with the proper amount of light and shadows to define the subject. Too technical for you?  Ok how about this? Photography should be about the subject, that's you and your family or your pet. I photograph pets sometimes with their families and sometimes all by their furry little self. Photography should never be about tea stained brown coloring where you can't even see the color of your eyes. It shouldn't be about whatever faddish editing style is popular at the time. Sure I know how to do all that crazy stuff too but I don't and won't. I want my photography to showcase YOU!  You with your bright, sharp shinny eyes. There is a reason for the saying "the eyes are the window to your soul".So, if you are looking for a photographer close to Fort Walton Beach who knows how to properly expose, compose and process and image, give me a try. I promise you will love me and my photography! I promise that you will receive a finished product that you will cherish and it will never be out of style. I promise it will be worth the very "scenic drive". What are you waiting for?

Our full service photography studio is located in Defuniak Springs, convenient to Fort Walton Beach, Florida for all your photography needs.