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Five and Fishing Defuniak Springs Children's Photographer

We use them to document milestones, such as births, birthdays, weddings and other events that are special to us. We use photos to document our family history. If you don't have a family portrait hanging on your wall, well we can't be friends 🤪But seriously make sure you are documenting your children's stages in life. Not only do you get awesome portraits of your child, but your children have a fun experience in the studio! Mom wanted a few pictures of H with his favorite 2 things, his fishing rod and tackle box. He is so proud of his box and had to show me every bobber, lurer, string and hook in that box.So we did the simple set and then we did the fantasy set! H had a blast floating on the wooden raft on the lake and using his imagination to printed fish! I think both show off his littler personality and love of fishing! Pictures create a lasting memory of a time or event in our lives. #defuniaksspringsphotographystudio #defuniakspringsphotographer#defuniakspringsphotography#tinasmithphotography#tinasmithphotographystudio

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